Why do people say joining a sorority is bad?

Is it bad for a Christian to join a sorority?

As many women enter college, the desire comes to want to join a sorority. On the surface, one would ask, “Why wouldn’t you want to join?” Sisterhood, intelligent women, women who serve, a rich and deep history of support for the traditionally oppressed, and community service. How could that be bad?

However, unfortunately, due to the secretive nature of sororities, many Christians are unaware of the official initiation ceremony that some have as a requirement for membership. Or if they are aware, they may not know what is read out loud during this (and the only way to know would be by becoming a member). Due to the nature of being a busy college student, many college students go through the motions without processing what they’re really doing.

The familiarity of being able to access the document on Google and print it out makes it feel like “this can’t be evil, this feels like any other time I had to print out an assignment and read it out loud in class.”

I used to be in a sorority. However, after weighing what the Word of God says and comparing it with the initiation ritual, I was convicted and compelled to leave when presented with the truth. I repented, denounced, prayed, sent an official letter to corporate to remove me as a member, and prayed and fasted again.

Ironically, after I left, one of God’s promises over my life—“rapping”—that had been having a severe block was suddenly unlocked. I could legitimately describe it as the eyes of everyone around me being “unblinded,” and suddenly I went from the lowest level intern to being signed as a recording artist (meaning the company now worked for me to empower and grow me), a complete 180 turn. I didn’t even see the correlation between the two until reflecting on life several years later and seeing the patterns.

I have a sister in Christ who created this Google document comparing what the Bible says to specific lines from Alpha Kappa Alpha’s initiation instruction document.

If you've ever considered joining a sorority, I recommend reading the Google document below.

If you're currently in one that engages in these types of practices, I recommend asking someone in leadership from your chapter for a copy of the initiation instructions that they read to you. Or see if it’s available on Google and try to remember it being read over you or pray for the Holy Spirit to help you remember.

Then have an honest conversation with God.

God bless you.


Click to read document comparing the word of God to AKA initiation


Click for resources on how to properly denounce


Click for pdf template for a letter to send to corporate that you can notarize and mail at places like The UPS store


God bless everyone who reads. May the Holy Spirit guide your lives. May the word of God take root. 


"Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You."

Psalms 119:11 NKJV



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