Bestie Tip: You don't have to start from scratch

Bestie Tip: Pick 2-3 people you feel are walking in a similar path to the future you feel like God is calling you to that you admire. (You can split into various life categories)

Observe if there’s any patterns in how they live their life / how they present their work. Applies for people / businesses Business = how they treat customers / Branding / company culture / how they operate their business


Digest that info for general wisdom so you don’t have to learn from scratch. Lean on God for the personality & new approach He wants you to bring to the world while considering the wisdom from people who came before you.

Can also be a great quality check for your work (like does the quality of my work align with my goals? What adjustments do I need to make) (But also have grace for growth / being a beginner etc)

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