Bestie Life Tip: Have Vision

If you haven’t already. Start asking God what He wants you to focus on for the new year and write it down 🖊️


I’m starting my vision boards for the year, Canva is free and a great way to do it. Visuals make it feel more real while you’re on your journey to take action. 


Creating multiple could be a great way to separate your thoughts

  • health (fitness, mental, woman care)
  • aesthetic (hair, clothes, face)
  • career -personal life (family, friends, hobbies, where you serve)


It also helps you reverse engineer

Ex: hair

  • If I want my hair to look like this ____ 
    • What do I need to do?
      • Ex: monthly salon appointment (or every 3 months and you maintain in between)
      • Ex: weekly hair routine, night time / morning routine to maintain health
  • If I want to achieve _____ in my career
    • What does that type of persons week look like?
      • How many hours are they devoting to their craft?
      • What type of things do they prioritize (say yes to vs saying no)
  • If I want to grow in my relationship with God
    • What does that person’s schedule look like?
      • Do they prioritize having community?
      • Do they prioritize attending/ serving at church?
      • Do they read their bible consistently?
      • Are any of those things on my schedule?
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